Random Idolatry

Thing I see. Things I like. Yeah.

[W]e are told by those authoritatively assigned as our “teachers” — inside and outside classrooms — what to think and how to think it. We are taught to be good, subordinate servants. Perhaps most of all, and most debilitating to us, we are conditioned to love our oppressors and to blame ourselves for the systemic problems we face.

Can’t make rent? Get a second job. Still not enough? Should have gone to college. Did go to college? Should have gone to a better one. Went to a fantastic university? Should have avoided loans. Born into poverty and couldn’t avoid them? Too bad, should have been born rich.

No solutions ever actually emerge because they were never meant to. Capitalists know this. Finding solutions would mean actually dismantling the education of oppression and attacking poverty where it is born — in the hands of the rich.